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The fastest way to make your iOS or Android app ADA compliant

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Is our app accessible? Is it WCAG Complaint?

If you’re asking yourself this question about your mobile app’s accessibility or ADA compliance, then we have what you need. Mesmer removes all pencil-chewing doubt by identifying accessibility issues and how they affect ADA & 508 compliance. This frees you to focus on usability and inclusion. We highlight usability and express-ability concerns so you can stay miles away from “trouble.”

ADA Conformance Report

Everybody has the right to access your app fully. You deserve peace of mind and a guide. Our bots can help. Just sign up, upload your app, and get a free report.

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How It Works

Screenshot of interface crawling app

Automatically crawls

AI Bot automatically interacts with your app to discover operable flows. The Bot emulates screen readers and keyboards. No need to manually go through screens. No need to write scripts to automate user journeys.

Example of violations related to focus order

Accessibility recommendations

We provide remediation instructions for each WCAG 2.1 checkpoint missed so that developers know how to fix problems found.

Custom policies dashboard

WCAG 2.1, your way

Create custom policies for your team. Use our defaults for Level A or Level AA compliance. Or select the policies that matter most to your org. We’ll search your app and any time we find a violation that matches your policy, we’ll flag it.

audit dashboard

Audit reports

Auto-generate ADA & 508 audit reports in Google Slides. Provides summary & detail views of violations found be severity, by screen, by WCAG 2.1 policy. Save historical reports for auditors.

What we cover

Section 508 Compliance
ADA - The Americans with Disabilities Act
WCAG 2.1 - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Mesmer help me build more accessible and inclusive apps?

Our bots flag table stake accessibility issues for developers. This allows your team to spend time on researching, designing and building new ways to make your app more accessible and usable for people who identify as having different types of disabilities.

Does Mesmer work on Native and Hybrid mobile apps?

Yes, we are able to crawl and evaluate both Native iOS and Android apps as well as Hybrid Apps built in frameworks like Flutter, ReactNative, Cordova, and others.

What do I do with the results from Mesmer’s a11y report?

The a11y report identifies ADA & 508 compliance violations throughout your app across every screen. These violations are mapped out against specific requirements outlined by WCAG and thus can help your team remediate issues in your mobile app.

How accurate are Mesmer’s Bots?

Mesmer’s Bots are powered by AI and ML to crawl through your app interacting with it just like a customer. These bots have been trained on the WCAG 2.0 & 2.1 frameworks to catch accessibility violations as accurately as manual accessibility testing.

Can Mesmer’s a11y report make my app compliant?

Mesmer’s a11y report specifically focuses on auditing your mobile app against accessibility compliance. Hence, even though doesn’t directly remediate app violations, it can help your team address those issues.

Can Mesmer’s a11y report tell me if I comply with legislation such as ADA and 508?

Mesmer’s a11y report checks for compliance against WCAG framework of requirement which is widely adopted by legislation around the world, ADA, AODA, EEA, IS5568 and others.